Luxury Tour To Ushuaia at 5 Star Hotel “Los Cauquenes Resort and Spa”

Located in one of the most exotic places in the world at the shore of the Beagle Channel and boasting a beautiful view of the snow-covered peaks of the infamous Andes Mountains, Los Cauquenes matches its rustic architecture of Lenga wood and stone with impressive natural surroundings to offer a unique experience at this highly rated hotel. On the Ushuaia luxury tour, we complement your stay at this magnificent hotel with several exciting activities to explore Ushuaia.

Description of the travel itinerary:

1st Day in Ushuaia:

The tour in Ushuaia starts by departing from the Buenos Aires domestic airport. Once you land in Ushuaia, our tour guide will transfer you in a private car to the luxury hotel Los Cauquenes Resort and Spa.

After checking in at the hotel and dropping off your luggage, we will pick you up at the hotel to invite you for a private city tour of Ushuaia which includes an English speaking tour guide with a driver at your disposal for about 4 hours. During this tour, you will get to visit the legendary and ancient Jail of Recidivists that has preserved its impressive architecture as well as its tough history. You will also see all the first settlers' houses, as well as taking a visit to the harbor and Paseo del Centenario – this is a great spot for you to take in the panoramic view of the mountain’s chains. Afterwards you will go to the Bebán house, which was considered one of the most prestigious houses in Ushuaia for a long time. At the end of the tour, we will visit the central part of city as well as the restricted area of the Naval Base.

luxury tour in Ushuaia
Ushuaia tours
2nd day in Ushuaia:

After breakfast in the hotel you will be picked up to begin an adventurous half day tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is located 11 kilometers away from Ushuaia City. Leaving from Ushuaia in a private car, we start by heading west along National Route Nº3. The first stop is at the End of the World Train Station where you will be able to take the train ride as an optional activity.

During this private tour, you will observe a lot of unique plant life formed by the massive trees as well as a great variety of the most incredible native animals such as red foxes, woodpeckers, steamer ducks, condors, eagles, beaver dams, peat bogs and birds all living together in the most spectacular environment.

The tour continues inside the park where you will traverse through a combination of private car rides and nature walks. Different from other parks, the Tierra del Fuego National Park combines the ocean, forests and mountains in the same vicinity. Inside the National Park we find the biological richness of the Tierra del Fuego Island and its beautiful scenery. The forest is formed by Lengas, guindos, ñires and valleys of peat and lichens. Ensenada Bay, Roca Lake and Lapataia Bay (the end of the Pan-American Highway which connects Alaska and Tierra del Fuego) give color to this unique place that still holds reminders of its ancestral inhabitants: the Yámanas. In the afternoon we will drop you off at the hotel where you will have time to relax at the Los Cauquenes Spa, or enjoy one of the many other amenities.

Ushuaia in patagonia
Ushuaia luxury tour
3rd Day in Ushuaia:

After breakfast and checking-out at the Los Cauquenes Hotel, we will pick you up to take a final half day tour entitled "Catamaran trip in the Beagle Channel." For this tour, we will transfer you from the hotel to the Ushuaia tourist pier.

You will embark a Catamaran and sail along Isla de los Lobos, Isla de los Pajaros and the Les Eclaireus light house where you will have the chance to observe many species of local birds and seals.

On the way back to Ushuaia, you will have a view of the beautiful Le Martial Mount and its famous glacier. This boat trip exposes you to a combination of views of the sea and mountains and is an incredible experience that will remain in your heart long after you have returned home. After the boat trip we will transfer you to the Ushuaia airport to return to Buenos Aires, concluding the Ushuaia tour.

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Ushuaia tour includes:

Flights: Buenos Aires - Ushuaia - Buenos Aires
Transfers in - out of Airport- Hotel in Ushuaia city in a private car
2 nights at the Los Cauquenes Hotel with breakfast included
English speaking tour guide
Private City tour in Ushuaia
Half day boat trip in the Beagle Channel with a travel group
Tierra del Fuego National Park tour in a private car
Quality services

Ushuaia tour doesn't include:

Entrance fee to the National Park

This trip can be tailored to suit your time in Ushuaia and can be adapted to better suit your interests, budget and requirements as necessary.

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