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Luxury Travel in Argentina: El Calafate, Patagonia

Explore Patagonia with us in style and in comfort. Join us in our luxury travel tours to one of the most impressive and majestic parts of Argentina’s Patagonia region! With our El Calafate Patagonia Luxury Tour, you’ll enjoy unbelievable Patagonian sites and landscapes with the comfort of our premium selection of luxury hotels. You’ll be able to take tours and explore of the surrounding area, which includes the visit to impressive glaciers and lakes. This combination of premium luxury travel and beautiful Patagonian landscapes is an opportunity to explore the south of Argentina that can’t be missed!

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El Calafate is a city on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, in the region of Patagonia in the province of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz province, Argentina It is famous for being the gateway to Glacier National Park, which includes attractions like the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Upsala Glacier, and Mount Fitz Roy, among others. These are all typical of the Southeastern Patagonian Ice Field. Because of its majestic attractions and strategic location, the city of El Calafate is an important site for tourism in the region.

Calfate Landscape

Calafate Landscape

El Calafate’s main attraction is the Glacier National Park. The most famous and spectacular glacier is the Perito Moreno, located an hour west of the city. Among the 356 glaciers, the Perito Moreno is the most impressive, with a width of 5 km and a height of more than 60 meters above water level.
The area of Perito Moreno Glacier that can be visited includes a network of walkways that allows one to contemplate the glacier from about 100 meters away. From here you can also watch as chunks of ice fall into the Lake Argentino!

Perito Moreno Glacier


Exploring the National Park

Exploring the National Park

The national park offers the possibility of many excursions and activities! These include visiting the glaciers themselves, mini-trekking on glaciers, enjoying a boatride through the channel of the Lake Argneinto, and visiting the Bay Onelli to see the impressive glaciers Upsala, Spegazzini, Onelli, and Seco, among others. In the outskirts of El Calafate and Lake Argentino you can also enjoy horseback riding, and hiking or walking at the nearby Nimez Lagoon Ecological Reserve and at Lake Roca. Join us in our luxury travel tour to El Calafate, Patagonia – it’s an opportunity to explore magical landscapes and a beautiful natural world with the comfort of our premium, high-quality accommodations.

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