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Luxury Vacations in Argentina: Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is a top destination for travel and tourism in Argentina and a truly magical place! We provide a premium luxury tour package for those who want to explore the magic of Iguazu Falls. Experience this amazing destination with the comfort and quality of our premium luxury tours!

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With our travel plan, you can relax in a luxury hotel by night and experience the tropical forest and impressive falls of Iguazu by day. It’s a perfect opportunity for travel in Argentina with the luxury and quality you deserve.

iguazu falls rainbow

iguazu falls rainbow

The Iguazu Falls are located in the province of Misiones in Argentina, and the state of Parana in Brazil. They were chosen as one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” in 2011.

These falls are made of 275 jumps – some are up to 80 meters high! Eighty percent of these jumps are on the Argentine side. You can take boat rides under the waterfalls and go along hiking trails in order to experience the falls as well as the semitropical jungle environment that surrounds them. La Garganta del Diablo (‘Devil’s Throat’), the most impressive chasm of the Falls, can be enjoyed in all its majesty from only 50 m away by walking along a path that is reached via the ecological train service. The border between Brazil and Argentina runs along ‘Devil’s Throat’.

iguazu parrot

As part of our luxury tour and travel package, you’ll be able to relax, have fun, and experience the falls. At the site, there are several paths that can be taken where you will appreciate the view and the environment of the falls. These paths are mostly on the Argentine side, although the Brazilian side allows for a spectacular panoramic view. Below are brief descriptions of the paths:

Woman at Iguazu Falls

Woman at Iguazu Falls

Lower Path: Starting from the observation deck, this path descends to the Iguazu River and passes through a beautiful footpath. Surrounded by lush forest, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bottom of the falls and, later on, a view of ‘Devil’s Throat’. At the end of the path you’ll find the Bosetti jump.
Upper Path: As the name indicates, this path allows you to explore from the top of the falls. The observation point from a higher level completely changes the view of the landscape. You’ll visit the same sites as in the Lower Path, but with this different view. You might be surprised by the deafening roar of the water, which falls from about 70 meters high, and the dense columns of steam given off by the crash of the water on the rocks.
Devil’s Throat: This path is accessed by the ‘Train of the Waterfalls’, which will take you to the Devil’s Throat Station. From there, you’ll take an amazing walk which bends between the islands and brings you to viewing stations that face the impressive Devil’s throat.

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