Ushuaia, Patagonia

Luxury Travel in Argentina: Ushuaia, Patagonia

Patagonia offers a lot of interesting attractions and is one of the most visited places in the world! And for good reason, it’s home to glaciers, unique landscapes – there is lots of peace and majesty to be found at the end of the world! One of the options for a destination in Patagonia is the city of Ushuaia – and if you’re looking for tranquility and comfort, in addition to the experience of a lifetime, our luxury tour to Ushuaia, Argentina is the perfect way for you to travel! You’ll stay at one of our top, premium, luxury hotels while receiving the attention and guidance of an expert, English-speaking tour guide. So what is Ushuaia like? Here’s a little info so you’ll know what to find in this lovely Patagonian city.

Visit Ushuaia

Ushuaia is an Argentine Patagonian city, located in the Tierra del Fuego Province. It is located on the coast of the Beagle Canal, in the Ushuaia Bay, and is surrounded by the Martial Mountains. It is also the only Argentine city that is located on the other (western) side of the Andes.

Book your Luxury Tour to Ushuaia Today!

Book your Luxury Tour to Ushuaia Today!

Some tourist attractions of Ushuaia include the majestic Tierra de Fuego National Park and Lapataia bay. You can get to the national park by taking the beautiful End of The World Train from the city. Ushuaia is also home to the museum of Yamana, English and Argentine settlements (where you can even learn about a period of time where it existed as a prison colony!). There’s also a ton of wildlife to be found here that you’ll definitely enjoy: penguins, local birds, seals, that can all be found along the islands of the Beagle Channel. You could also take one of the many tours to Haberton, the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.

Ushuaia is also home to a number of ski areas, some of which include the Glacier El Martial and Cerro Castor. Cerro Castor is famous for having the longest ski season in all of South America, as well as being a beautiful resort complete with cafeterias, mountain huts, skiing schools, and a beech forest! But it’s also a great place to visit in the summer, when the ski lifts are still open and you can enjoy some awesome views. There are also some great hiking trails all around Ushuaia, so that you can really explore the majesty of this Patagonian landscape.

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If this Patagonian getaway sounds like a great place for you, and you want to travel in style and in comfort to this amazing location, you should definitely book our Ushuaia luxury tour today! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to relax in a luxury, premium hotel by night and explore the “end of the world” by day. Contact us and see what our luxury tours have to offer you!