Luxury Travel: Tours in Uruguay

If you want to enjoy ocean breezes, beaches, and a truly relaxing and pleasant environment, Uruguay is the place for you! By traveling there with our luxury tours, you’ll be able to enjoy Uruguay with the benefit of staying at a top, premium hotel, experiencing our high-quality tourist services, and interacting with our expert English-speaking tour guides. Bordering both Brazil and Argentina, the country of Uruguay is characterized by its beautiful and coastlines. In the southeast is its Atlantic coast and in the south its coast with the impressive ocean-like river “de la Plata.” It’s also known for its cultural activity, particularly its carnival celebrations and music scene. To learn more about Uruguay and what it has to offer, let’s take a look at three of its top destinations!

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Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, is a place for beautiful walks, views and fun outings. The southern part of the city is home to the coastline of the River ‘de la Plata’, the bay of Montevideo, and the country’s most important port. It is considered one of the safest cities in Latin America. The city contains a lot of large green, open spaces, like those of the neighborhood “Parque Rodó” and the neighborhood “Prado.” It is home to important Latin American art museums and is a center of tango music and dance.

Colonia del Sacramento

Visit Beautiful Uruguay with Us

Visit Beautiful Uruguay with Us

Colonia del Sacramento, often simply called Colonia, is located just a few kilometers from the confluence of the Uruguay River and the River ‘de la Plata.’ Its historic district has been declared a World Heritage Site and is a beautiful, fascinating example of Spanish, Portuguese colonial styles. There are a number of great attractions in this small touristic city and its outskirts, including the ‘Real de San Carlos,’ where Spanish troops attacked a Portuguese fortress in 1761.  Home to peaceful beaches and historic buildings, it’s a perfect place to enjoy long walks and to truly relax.

Punta del Este

Take a Relaxing, Luxury Vacation with Us

Take a Relaxing, Luxury Vacation with Us

Punta del Este is located on a small peninsula in the southeastern corner of Uruguay and is considered the border between the Atlantic Ocean and the River ‘de la Plata.’ It has beaches on both its river and ocean coastlines. This is a true beach city – home to a number of amazing hotels, restaurants, an international airport, and a marina that can accommodate 500 boats. It’s a perfect beach getaway.

As you can see, Uruguay has some amazing, beautiful attractions. If you want to experience these attractions while staying in our top, premium accommodations (some of the most beautiful hotels in South America!), our luxury tours are for you! Make your reservation today!