A dream tour in El Calafate Patagonia Argentina


Programming with the dream vacation time in order to get great prices and rates is synonymous with being a smart traveler.

Giant ice look white, blue and turquoise in Los Glaciares National Park, World Heritage tones. Fishing in the serenity of lakes, rivers and lakes, or glide over the snow and breathe the purest air renews the soul. Then, to surrender to the discovery of traces of the past in the Cave of the Hands of the High River Paintings, also declared World Heritage, a place where stunning landscapes come accompanied by stories and legends.

Each winter a corner of Santa Cruz freezes naturally and gives way to track this larger style of South America. Young and old enjoy the wonderful time, which reaches its point of splendor with the Feast of Ice.
Winter allows to know another postcard from the city of El Calafate. The snow that covers every corner, stains the landscape of blue and white tones and, as a result of freezing temperatures, is reborn each year a unique appeal: the Bahia Redonda freezes and becomes the track’s largest skating in South America with an imposing backdrop.
Young and old dust off their stored skates or rent a pair to throw on the run. The atmosphere is full of joy and a few meters from the track, laughter and shouts of families, the couples and groups of friends who masterfully slide or taking their first steps are heard. Clothing colors contrast with the flawless surface and worthy of a storybook lovely postcard is generated.
About June to August, this natural wonder that is of meeting it is given. Snow touch connects visitors with the coldest season and never need someone to throw the first ball, causing games and amusement.
The wind in your face realizes speed and rewarmed quickly. Occasionally there falls, but the fun is such that it does not matter, just get up and keep practicing.
Between June and July, the unmissable Ice Festival is held to celebrate this track, in which no display of sleds, ice skating, demonstrations and clinics for the public, hockey games, contests ice sculptures that shape beautiful and ephemeral works of art, traditional torchlight parades and presentations of various artists who play live, to finish dancing.
After each day or some deserved break, a hot chocolate and a sweet gingerbread caulk replenish the energy left on the track. Round Bay is cause for celebration is celebrated every year and skated, although often means a misstep red noses and later will look like a nice memory.

A Santa Cruz arrive by plane, the international airport Piloto Civil Norberto Fernandez in Rio Gallegos or the International Cte. Armando Tola in El Calafate. Also by bus or by car along Route 40 and 3.

Crossings by changing lands of Santa Cruz.

Rugged landscapes and natural obstacles become challenging 4×4 tours the Patagonian province that encompasses such incredible landscapes as El Calafate, Mount Fitz Roy and the Lago Argentino.

For adventure lovers, make a journey in 4×4 in Santa Cruz involves access to unique places. They are rugged landscapes where terrain conditions proposed to overcome natural obstacles like rivers, narrow roads, little traffic and outstanding tracks; and each of these characteristics becomes more fun and engaging challenge. It’s what travelers look for in these full payments Patagonian wilderness and breathtaking landscapes.
The players enjoy adventures that include captivating views of El Calafate and Lake Argentino from natural viewpoints. The Andes, with its eternal snow and glaciers make the area a unique combination that seems out of a fantasy movie. Lucky visitors arriving with good weather, for good measure, admire the imposing Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, figurines everyone wants complete in their albums.
On route no shortage of hot mate or spontaneous stops to take pictures when an animal crosses or atardece of all colors. To the north, from ancient route a scenic rising from 200 to 1500 meters down the road Zeballos, the highest area of southern Patagonia is scrolled. There, the changing landscape allows to see cards as different from each other as the steppe, the dense Andean forests, pastures and high mountain, ending at the viewpoint of Mount San Lorenzo.
When crossing the tracks of the province, the excitement comes with every new horizon. The engine sound turns on again, the wind accompanies and some stones rolling behind vehicles. They are signs that all is well on the way.

A Santa Cruz arriving by plane to the international airport Piloto Civil Norberto Fernandez in Rio Gallegos, or the International Cte. Armando Tola in El Calafate. Also by bus or by car on Route 40 and 3.

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